4 Kids, 1 Bedroom. Small apartment living, shared bedroom!

In December 2018, we moved from a small 3 bedroom apartment, to an even smaller 3 bedroom apartment. In most people's view, our downsizing to a smaller rental when we just had a 4th baby doesn't make sense. But it was the right move for us! The downsizing aspect has also been so refreshing for … Continue reading 4 Kids, 1 Bedroom. Small apartment living, shared bedroom!

My First Time Using Chalk Paint: Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

If you guys are anything like me, you've definitely added tons of inspiration to your pinterest boards about chalk paint. It's supposed to be super user friendly, minimal prep required, low odor, full coverage after 1 coat, great finishes with a wide range of colors... the list goes on! Y'all, it took me a while … Continue reading My First Time Using Chalk Paint: Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

Creative Shoe Storage

Hey y'all! This will be a quick but inspiring post! Don't believe me? Read on folks... read on! So I'm really looking to get my life, house and family organized and my wheels are always turning trying to figure out the next little thing I can do to create a more functional space to save … Continue reading Creative Shoe Storage

The Living Room Transformation

I'm about to share something with you that I'm not ashamed of but I'm also not a fan of... my living room... The living room is  the room where family comes together to relax, fellowship, play, read, catch up on some of your favorite shows on Netflix & the list goes on. It's really one … Continue reading The Living Room Transformation

So there’s this Bookshelf…

Ok. So I have this Bookshelf in our bedroom that unfortunately has become the storehouse for any and everything. With our lack of furniture I thought for sure this bookshelf would come in handy to keep things organized but boy was I wrong! It was only a matter of time before my hubby and I … Continue reading So there’s this Bookshelf…

Our Rental Apartment 

Hey y'all! I definitely did not think that it would have taken me this long to get to my second post but such is life when you're a mama of 3 with lots going on behind the scenes.  So as you know, we've been in our rental apartment for almost 7 months now and it's … Continue reading Our Rental Apartment