Creative Shoe Storage

Hey y’all!

This will be a quick but inspiring post! Don’t believe me? Read on folks… read on! So I’m really looking to get my life, house and family organized and my wheels are always turning trying to figure out the next little thing I can do to create a more functional space to save more time in my day.

Now, one thing that always drives me insane is the crazy amount of shoes that we have. For a household of 6 people it makes sense that there’s a bunch of shoes but living in a duplex with no designated entryway/ mud room means space is limited.  At first, this is what we were working with…

Yup. This cheap, wonky, ugly shoe rack is what we were working with at first and although I was glad it didn’t cost much it was not working for us. Clearly this thing didn’t hold much shoes and the other issue is that every time my boys walked past it (actually… they don’t walk they literally run everywhere lol) all the shoes would fall off. I spent way more time than necessary on a daily basis picking up shoes and reorganizing the rack… I had enough!

Then it came to me! Think up… look at all that empty wall space! A bookshelf will do the trick! One that is deep enough for my husband’s shoes and tall enough that it can store a good amount of shoes. I window shopped for a long time before I bought one because I was determined to spend as little money as possible. Finally a nice enough one went on sale at Canadian Tire for about $39. I put that bad boy together in less than an hour and…

Stylish and functional!



For less than 40 bucks, I managed to get organized and it looks much much better! Eventually I’d like to stop by Home Depot and get some mdf cut to the size of the other shelves so that I can add even more levels of storage. But for now, I am truly pleased! No more shoes tumbling down every 10 minutes and no more eyesore!


Votives purchased at Stokes on sale for $1.99


I hope this leaves you inspired as always to tackle your challenges and be innovative.  Part of being a stay at home mom means learning to be creative and let those dollars stretch to get the most out of your money😉
Hugs and Love ❤

Lilly at Home

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