My Honest Opinion: 100 Days With Endy

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I received an Endy queen sized mattress and 2 standard Endy pillows back in August. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find those famous boxes at my doorstep! (Literally did a happy dance on my front steps for all of my neighbours to see and unashamedly hugged the Endy box as if it was my long lost love!)

At the time, I was very pregnant and on bed rest due to some issues I faced. Although my hubby and I were already having issues getting a good nights sleep before I got pregnant, the level of discomfort was apmlified during the pregnancy. Needless to say, the thought of spending my entire day in that uncomfortable bed sounded like pure misery!

But Endy came to my rescue! By switching mattresses AND our pillows, we started to get some of the best sleeps we’ve had in years! (and that is no exaggeration!) I instantly felt the difference. The Queen Mattress, although somewhat firm, felt like it was cushioning my every curve! Their proprietary Endy Comfort Foam is what sold me. The comfort, the coolness, the fact that Andre and I don’t disturb each other when we move around is amazing. Now that baby boy is born, I can tend to him in the middle of the night while sitting right next to my sleeping husband and he won’t even notice all of my movement! Which means he still gets a good nights sleep and is fully energized for work in the morning. And although baby keeps me up at night, I still get such comfortable sleep so I’m not as groggy and grumpy as a new mom is expected to be in the mornings! With all that being said, is it safe to say that this Endy mattress helps keep my marriage happy?

Now let me tell you guys about these pillows! I’m not even going to try to calculate the amount of money that I’ve spent on numerous pillows trying to find the right “fit” for me because it’s heartbreaking. But what I love about Endy’s memory foam pillows is that 1. it’s memory foam!! and 2. it’s totally adjustable. The pillow was designed in a way that can allow you to add or remove as much filling as needed to adjust to your comfort level. So again, that’s another win for us!

I also love how the cover of both the pillow and the mattress itself are easily washable so keeping things clean is an easy task. They offer a 100 Night Trial and within those nights, you have the ability to try out their mattress and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can easily return your mattress, hassle free. First of all, you KNOW their product is going to be amazing if they’re willing to let you return it after sleeping on it for 3 months. That shows that they stand behind the quality of their mattresses and now that i’ve had my 100 nights of sleep, do I want to return it? NOPE! It’s ALLLL mine and i’m not giving it back!

My only regret is not requesting a king sized mattress because the way our 5 children like to pile up in this bed…. well, we clearly need more space, haha!

100 nights with the BEST mattress ever and I’m never going back to any other brand!

I urge you to go check out their website and enjoy the comfort for yourself! They have sales and promotions quite often so if you shop smart, you’ll get yourself an even better deal! (like the black Friday 10% off EVERYTHING sale happening right now until Nov, 29th 2020). SHOP HERE

Hugs & Love ❤


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