Inventor STEM School Summer Camp!

If you’re a parent like me, who’s trying to think of how on earth to keep your kids occupied this summer without sitting them in front of videogames all day, look no further!

I’m going to be sharing some great ideas for entertaining your kids while stimulating their minds at the same time!

First up, Inventor STEM School in Montreal West Island is a new daycamp that kids aged 5-12 will absolutely LOVE!  (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

The have an action packed daycamp that will both educate and inspire your little ones with activities such as:

  • Robotics Classes with  LEGO
  • Creating worlds in MineCraft Education Edition
  • STEM and science lessons
  • Outdoor activities

and they are making sure to take all the safety precautions that your kids need by ensuring they stay in small groups with up to 6 kids max!

Covid protocols for the Summer STEM Camp:

Important COVID-19 information

With the current COVID pandemic, they will do everything possible to provide a safe and healthy environment for all campers and teachers. Their measures will include: minimization of traffic (only 6 children per class), frequent washing and sanitizing of hands, social distancing (only 1 child per desk), wearing of face masks where necessary. They will comply with all protocols put forward by the government.

On the 1st day at camp every child will receive his/her personal LEGO Set, tablet, laptop/computer, science kit, and kit for STEM activities. All the materials, pieces, kits or robots are not permitted to bring home and will be stored exclusively at camp location. Everything will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day. After the end of the session all equipment, sets, pieces will be thoroughly sterilized and prepared for the next week and new campers.

To see the schedule of the day, which includes outdoor activities as well, visit:

This is something I know that my boys would love and i’d not only get the break that I might need during the daytime, but they will come home full of inspiration and i’ll feel satisfied knowing that even through the summer, their education is still continuing in a fun way!

If you live outside of Montreal, NO PROBLEM! They have a online courses and classes so that your kids up to age 16 can dive into the world of STEM!

Check out their website and use my code: Inventor_Lillyathome for $50 off on their entire website!

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