Baby Girl’s First Birthday Pink, White and Gold Themed Cake Smash!

My little mama is now 14 months old, but that won’t stop me from sharing her first birthday pics! This year, Hubs and I decided we’d skip birthday parties this year for all of the kids as we had so much going on. But there’s one thing that Hubby forgot, this is my FIRST and only girl and it’s her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! I know, I know, babies have no idea what’s going on but that’s besides the point lol. I arranged a mini birthday shoot/cake smash session with event design and decoration company JuJu Concept, and we discussed my vision for my little princess. Judith, the owner of the company, took my simple ideas and combined it with her amazing ideas and made it happen! It was even better than I imagined!

All I had to do was bring Destiny-Marie and pick her outfit and make sure she looked cute (which obviously requires no effort from me! lol)

Check out how it turned out below!

Destiny-Marie was such a little lady that she essentially refused to “smash” her cake as much as we tried to convince her to dig in. She dipped her dainty little fingers in and had a little taste of the icing and she was as happy as can be. She must have known that she was all dolled up and didn’t want to ruin her outfit (can you say, PRINCESS?) and by the end of the shoot, there was not one drop of cake on her little dress.

I’m so glad that I have this to remember her special day and I’m also sooooo happy that I chose to use an event decorator to style this set for me. I’m sure, with much creativity, and time, and effort, I could have pulled off a cute photo at home but this turned out way better AND I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Parents in the Greater Montreal Area, you have to check out JuJu Concepts, they work with all budgets and cater to their clients needs. You can find them on Instagram Here

Do you guys make a big deal out of kids birthdays? How many of you have done a cake smash? Whatever your answer, this was such a fun experience and now I’m debating having my own cake smash for n.y bday next year lol!

Until next time,

Hugs and Love ❤