Story Time! My Birth Story (Nightmare Come True)

Hey y’all!

So many of you have been asking and I’m sorry it took me so long. I finally got the chance to sit down and tell the story of how my daughter came into this world! You would think that as this being my fourth pregnancy, things would go smoothly, but NO, that was not the case! Thankfully, my little Destiny-Marie came out safely with no complications despite the circumstances

I invite you to watch my first ever YouTube video where I give all the crazy details (writing the story would just take forever!) And I hope you find value in it and maybe even learn from my experience if you ever find yourself in the same situation!


After you watch this video, I encourage you to leave a comment and tell me if you experienced anything as outrageous as that in during your own pregnancy! And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! There will be more videos uploaded soon as I find that YouTube offers me a different way to connect with you guys and all the women, wives, mamas etc who may find value from my content 😊

Please enjoy and share!

Hugs and Love ❤


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