Pinterest Win! Lemon Blueberry Cake

Y’all, EVERY time I get to try out a recipe from one of my Pinterest boards and it’s a success… I do a little happy dance inside!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember that about a week ago, I shared a photo of my most recent Pinterest win. Initially, I wasn’t intending on writing a post about this cake or else I would have taken more photos for you to drool over, but THIS baby was just too good not to share on my blog. (I share the link to this recipe at the end of this post!)

Beautiful Lemon Blueberry Cake!

The whole reason I even decided to make this cake was out of pure economical convenience. I had a ton of blueberries in my fridge that one one wanted to eat, I had an unopened container of sour cream that was unused from a family taco night the weekend before, and I accidentally purchased more lemons when I hadn’t finished the lemons from my previous grocery trip… all that added up to one thing. I need to use up these things before they go bad (which happens all too frequently in my house) and then the only solution was to combine all of these extra grocery items into one recipe.

Next step was searching through Pinterest. I think I literally searched “sour cream, lemon, blueberry cake” and I was flooded with options. But this pin in particular caught my eye! and the reviews were what really sold me! the only issue I faced was that I don’t own a bundt pan so it took quite a bit longer to bake than the recipe called for. I believe I baked it for about 20-30 minutes more than the precscribed baking time and was kind of stressed about constantly checking it but thankfully it turned out beautifully!

It was perfect, she was so pretty, aromatic, soft and fluffy, yet moist and with a bit of density to it. The next thing I did was let it cool overnight (this was a late night baking adventure and I probably went to bed around 2am once the cake was finished baking.) and the following morning I followed the instructions for the lemon glaze which had a perfect balance of that tart but sweet thing going on! Then finally, I poured the glaze over the entire cake as my kids started in amazement, anxiously waiting for a slice. When the moment finally arrived, the cake was even better than I could have imagined!

The cake was not too sweet, it packed a punch with the tartness of the lemons and blueberries and the sour cream added such a deep level of moisture to the cake that I wanted to take the entire cake into my bed and cuddle with it while devouring the whole thing by myself (I practiced self control and didn’t give in to my flesh by the grace of God). Everything was so well balanced! I am definitely, DEFINITELY making this cake again.

I should add, for those who aren’t into lemons or blueberries (like my husband and eldest son) This recipe still works as an amazing pound cake which I ended up making a few days later for those picky guys. I followed all the steps but just eliminated the lemon and blueberries and it was a breeze. I still prefer the lemon blueberry perfection but hey, not everyone is the same! But my husband totally devoured the plain cake before the rest of us could even get much of it for ourselves. And if you know my husband who is a complete fitness buff (figuratively and literally) and treats his body like a temple and barely consumes carbs… then you KNOW this cake was amazing if he shamelessly ate it up!

Please, do yourself a favor and TRY THIS RECIPE ASAP! Head over to Ms. Janel’s blog at for the recipe. CLICK HERE!

You’re welcome in advance 🙂

Hugs and Love ❤


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