4 Kids, 1 Bedroom. Small apartment living, shared bedroom!

In December 2018, we moved from a small 3 bedroom apartment, to an even smaller 3 bedroom apartment. In most people’s view, our downsizing to a smaller rental when we just had a 4th baby doesn’t make sense. But it was the right move for us! The downsizing aspect has also been so refreshing for us, well… for me in particular. I’ve been getting rid of things we really don’t need and overall am working on decluttering more and more on a regular basis (I might be turning into a minimalist lol). Essentially, I realize more and more than we really don’t need so much “stuff” in order to be comfortable or happy.

For many reasons, we are more at peace now in this place in our new neighborhood than it our last apartment. And I can say now from firsthand experience that you can’t put a price on peace! This apartment offers us everything we currently need and although it’s been challenging to work out the logistics of living in a smaller space, it’s been great!

If you haven’t read my previous blogs,  you should know that my mother in law lives with us. As such is the case, she has 1 bedroom for herself, my hubby and I have our room of course, and the children share the third room.  When my baby girl gets older and requires her own bit of privacy, we’ll make other arrangements. But for now, this has been working out well for us! We were able to set this room up on a budget and knowing me, I’ll probably add some more decorative touches in the future.

Wall art purchased at a local liquidation store for 3 bucks each. The blackout curtains were recently purchased for $20 on Amazon (free shipping with prime!) I ordered 63″ length because the previous curtains were a standard 84 inch length and with the wild playing, the boys somehow got the curtain caught in the trundle bed and it ended up yanking off the front cover of the baseboard heater 🤦🏾‍♀️. So for their safety and our budget sake, shorter curtains are the way to go! (Heater will definitely be repaired soon) Other than the length, I love the matching geometrical patterns in silver which tie everything together so well!
SVARTA Bunk bed with trundle from IKEA (I don’t believe they sell this at IKEA anymore but I got the bunk bed and trundle for about $300 which saved us hundreds of dollars had we opted for a standard triple bunk bed)
Cute throw cushion from Bouclair, purchased in the liquidation section for $7 or $8
Overnight, there is just enough room for the trundle bed which pulls out easily (duvet cover sets from Jysk for $9 each for the 3 boys. Fitted sheets also from Jysk for $3). Black cushions from Bouclair in liquidation for $11 if i remember correctly. I only purchased 2 as the trundle is pushed in every day
This bookshelf used to be in our bedroom but it is the perfect fit for the kids toys and TV! I’m contemplating painting it black, grey or white. The white baskets were purchased from Dollarama for $4 each.  I will purchase a larger bin for the bottom shelf once I find one in the right dimensions. The larger toys Stored in the closet!
These gorgeous monochromatic baskets were essentially free from Bouclair when I purchased the cushions (buy 2 items, get the third free… something like that)
These black triangle wall decals were free using the Wish App and I paid maybe 4 or 5 bucks in shipping😉
Baby girl’s crib still has a touch of pink! Her crib was purchased at a warehouse sale put on by Bo Bébé which is an awesome baby store in Quebec. I believe we got this crib for $110, which was a steal! At the time, we already had Jonathan’s crib which was about $650 but he was still using it and we intended on converting it into a toddler bed once he was old enough. So we knew we wanted to get a second crib and I definitely didn’t want to drop another $650 in such a short period of time, so this price was perfect for us. But as we had to suddenly move before our lease was up at our previous place and decided on this place, Jonathan’s crib quickly got put to the side as we knew we couldn’t fit both his and Destiny’s crib in that bedroom. Had we known that our living situation would change so quickly, we could have avoided buying a second crib as one is currently in our storage. But if, and when we move to a bigger place, we might make use of Jonathan’s crib and convert it to the toddler or double bed in an additional bedroom. So I still count it as a win!

This room works well for our kids and they are happy to be close to one another. As you can see, I chose to go with a black, white and grey color scheme to keep things unisex and ensure the boys wouldn’t overpower the girl In the room and vice versa.  I really wanted the kids to all feel like the space is theirs! I would have loved to put a cute rug down but with the height of the trundle bed being essentially down on the floor, I am sure a rug would get in the way of it rolling out easily. I think I may add some more wall art and possibly more storage solutions in the room but for now the room works! I will keep you updated on any changes and will eventually share their closet as well and how I’ve made it work for the kids. I’ve made sure to do everything on a budget as always, and I’m glad that I was able to execute my vision without breaking the bank!

Children can easily share space and you’re not a bad parent if they don’t each have their own room! And they can share a room that’s not only using each space wisely but also looks cute! It didn’t take much for me to pull this off and I hope to inspire you all to make your space feel like home whether you pay rent or a mortgage!

What advice can you give me on design elements that worked for you in your small spaces? And do you think I should paint the bookshelf? Also, I should specify that none of the items mentioned above are sponsored! I spent my own money to purchase these pieces and this is my honest feedback.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for more!

Hugs and Love ❤


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  1. Missy says:

    Very cute and trendy lady!

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    1. LillyAtHome says:

      Thanks love!! I’m trying to keep up with the times😎


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