The Living Room Transformation

I’m about to share something with you that I’m not ashamed of but I’m also not a fan of… my living room… The living room is  the room where family comes together to relax, fellowship, play, read, catch up on some of your favorite shows on Netflix & the list goes on. It’s really one of those rooms that I feel should draw you in and make you want to stay. For different people that might mean different things but for me that means comfort, warmth, style, with a mix of practicality.

When we moved to this apartment we decided not to take our existing furniture as we wanted to upgrade what we had at the time. There was really no use for us to bring a truckload of furniture from Toronto to Montreal only to get rid of it in the end so we left everything behind in Toronto and temporarily made use of my mother in laws living room furniture until we found exactly what we wanted. The result of our choice meant that our living room looked like this for a few months:

(For those who may be unhappy with the “lived in” look, just know that real life for me consists of laundry on my couch & toys all over the place a lot of the time. The curtains were lifted up as we were in the process of cleaning the windows when I decided to quickly snap a picture)

So as you can see from the photo above, my mother in law has a thing for flowers which is nicer in it’s own way. Now I’m not here to knock anyone else’s style but this is not my style at all. The good thing is my mother in law has no attachment to set so it wouldn’t be an issue when we eww ready to get rid of them. My husband and I knew that we wanted to make a change asap. Not only because the living room set wasn’t our style but they honestly weren’t that comfortable either.

The pros of our living room is that it’s bright, spacious and the walls are a neutral color so it’s pretty much a blank canvas. When it came time to buy new sofas, I wanted something stylish, modern, comfy and hopefully long lasting so not too trendy either. We knew that we definitely wanted a sectional and as anxious as we were to purchase something, my hubby allowed me to really take my time to window shop, online and in store at a number of places for months, and then I found it! I found the right sectional, and more importantly, at the right price!

Check it out 😆 ( hey boys!)

I sincerely apologize for the poor quality pictures I was snapping photos in a rush but I PROMISE I will update soon! I was just so anxious to show you the progress that’s taking place!

Now In my dream living room I’d have a white, on white, on white living room that would totally be bright and dreamy. However, in a world with 3 boys, I could just see disaster written all over that white, bright dream so as I moved over closer towards reality I thought, black & leather! I honestly love how comfy this sectional is, so far it’s standing up to my boys jumping all over it and spilling food on it which is a huge plus! In the photo you’ll see I bought a new rug, curtains & I purchased a pair of lamps from ikea. Since this photo was taken a few weeks ago there has been more updates and a few more to come but I’ll save the details for another day. Despite the fact that I can admit the room as it is still looks a bit empty and blank, the key thing to remember is PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE!!! ( sorry, I should use my indoor voice) Like seriously you guys, this may not be perfect for everyone but seeing my living room now makes me feel so happy!

I hope looking at this update encourages and inspires you to take your ideas, make a realistic plan, take your time and follow through. Some folks out there can redo their entire house at the snap of their fingers & the swipe of their cards.  But for stay at home mama’s like me, we can’t always do the same and That.Is.Okay! There was times I’d feel so frustrated in my house looking around at all the things I don’t like about it but finally God knocked some sense into me and made me realize I have so much to be grateful for. I have a happy family, a roof over my head, fully stocked kitchen, 2 cars to get our family around and so much more. So who cares if my home takes some time to come together the way I’d like? God has blessed us with so much and I’m grateful ☺
So stay tuned because I have quite a few more updates up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share with you!

Hugs & Love ❤

Lilly at Home

Before and after glance at living room furniture

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