She’s Making A List: The 5 Things That I Need For ME

Lilly where have you been???

As upset as I am with myself for taking so long to stay on a consistent schedule with updating my blog with new posts, I am glad that I’m finally sitting down to make the time to get back to this!

I love blogging so far and I love being able to share and hopefully motivate others out there! But the truth is, I’m a mom of 3 kids and I’m still not used to it.  When you have multiple kids you’ll realize that even if you believe you’ve finally gotten into a good groove, and found a schedule/ lifestyle that works for you, when you add another child to the mix it totally changes everything. I’ve held the title of  “stay at home mom with 3 kids” for 7 months now and it’s hard. Like really hard.

Now please don’t get me wrong! Do I love my kids? Absolutely!!! Would I ever go back and change anything??? NEVER!!! These boys are a total blessing and they have changed my life for the better. We love our kids so much and truly feel honored that God trusts us enough to bless us with these little guys. We are making it our mission to raise them right and be there with them through the good and the bad so that when they are men they won’t depart from the way we taught them to live and in turn they will also live to love and serve God in all that they do.

With that being said, I am learning to adjust to my new reality tending to the needs of each of my boys. My 7 month old Jonathan obviously takes up most of my time and still isn’t sleeping through the night amongst other challenges so most days I feel like a walking zombie. But hey, bit by bit things improve! He makes me so proud of all his new little accomplishments and he’s just the sweetest little guy so it’s all worth it in the end. I know once I settle better in my new title I’ll be more organized and ready to conquer each day! I also know that with every year that goes by there are new challenges that weren’t present the year before but life is full of readjustment and growth so I’ve got to do my best to keep up.

Anywhooo, what I really want to do is get back to making sure I have time for me and the things that I need/love. Us moms (whether working or staying at home) have a lot to juggle and the people around us are depending on us. But how can we really help them if we don’t take some time to help ourselves by taking care of ourselves?  Ladies, I’m learning that the whole family wins when we stop putting ourselves on the back burner all the time so for right now, these are the things I want to do for myself:

  1. Get back in shape and treat my body with care.
  2. Make time to focus on blogging more often and connecting with others.
  3. Treat myself at least once a month with a day away from the house and kids to just let my hair down & relax. 
  4. Have a date night with my babe more often because I can’t really be me without him. One of the perks of marriage is finding the one that makes you one (oooo that’s deep Lilly 😉)
  5. Most importantly, spend more time connecting with God. Learning more about him teaches me more about myself and knowing more about myself helps me be who I really need to be for everyone else around me. That daily time renewing my mind in Christ is really what will get me back on track in life and I’ve allowed life to get in my way of that!

I’m starting small and once I get these things down then I’ll move on to something else but this is my first step to making changes. And trust me, I have a longer list with many goals but these ones are specific to me only.

What I’d really love to know is what’s on your list of goals you want to accomplish for yourself? I’d absolutely love to hear from you guys and know what’s important to you!  So let’s chat!
Hugs and Love ❤

Lilly at Home

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  1. Taylor says:

    Girl I am right there with you on the new stay-at-home front, except I’m equally exhausted with just 1 kiddo & 1 on the way. You’re a champ for doing it times 3! I love your 5 things and definitely need to do those in my own life. I pray we both find some peace & balance in the craziness that is being a stay-at-home momma!

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    1. LillyAtHome says:

      Thanks Taylor! Life was equally as crazy for me with just 1 kid. Every baby brings a new challenge acne new blessings as well. You’ll do awesome! Congrats on the baby on the way😁


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