Pinterest Win! Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread 

Despite being born a Canadian to Jamaican parents, I love southern American food. I think one of the advantages of growing up in Montreal is that you’re exposed to so many different cultures and the amazing foods that come with them. The combination of being a Montrealer and my family living in Dallas, Texas for a few years after I finished high school has caused me to have my fair share of cornbread. 

I love a good cornbread! I’ve tasted varieties from different restaurants, rib fests, homemade recipes from family and friends and I’ve even made quite a few myself and they’ve all been so good. But y’all, This. Recipe. Here. Is the creme de la creme of cornbreads. 

This recipe takes your average cornbread, which is already pretty awesome, and adds Sweet potato, which takes it to a whole other level! This recipe is moist, sweet, dense yet fluffy and so easy to follow. This is most definitely a #PinterestWin.

Enjoy it as a side to any dinner or bbq. Or if you’re like me just eat it at any time of the day or night because it’s just that dang good. The creator of this recipe is a blogger named Erika from, and she suggests enjoying it with some honey butter but I ate it as is and was fully satisfied. The boys loved it, my husband loved it, I ABSOLUTELY loved it, and it would almost be a crime not to share. 

Take a look y’all, let these photos bless you while you imagine yourself taking a bite of this sweet southern delight. 

Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread


Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread

Look at that beauty, the queen of all cornbreads

The BEST cornbread recipe on the internet

Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any photos of the prep process but the recipe is so straight forward I know you’ll be able to get great results. The only mistake I made was not baking it in a more shallow baking dish which resulted in it taking longer in the oven. She used a cast iron pan (shaped in the state of Texas, how appropriate!) To bake it in while I used a glass dish (don’t ask why). Anyhow, it still turned out amazing and I’ll definitely be making this again. 

 Ms. Erika, I applaud you! This recipe was wonderful! If you guys want to try your hand at her recipe, you can check it out here. You’re welcome 😀

Hugs and Love ❤ 

Lilly At Home

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