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So… Here goes… I’m actually doing this!

This is the first day of a new season in my life and I’m pretty excited! I never thought I’d get into blogging but somehow this tiny seed was planted a few months ago an since then all signs have pointed to where I am now. I’m excited about the possibilities that come with blogging but more importantly I’m excited about my opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you (that is… If anyone out there is tuning in ūüėČ )

So¬†a little bit about me, I¬†am happily married to¬†that guy right there ‚Üď‚Üď‚ÜstHis name is Andre and¬†he¬†we’ve been married since¬†March 2013.



We have 3 beautiful boys together! Imanuel (age 4), Jeremiah (age 2) and Jonathan (4 months old)


I don’t know if it’s just me but somehow my sweet babies give me this new energy and yet take away all the energy I have at the same time! As any other little boy would be, they are FULL of joy, strength, imagination, &¬†questions. The only thing they never seem to be full of is food.

Yes, I said food.

They LOVE to eat, and snack, and have a snack to go with their snack, and then after have a quick bite before they eat dinner, and then another snack before bed… It never ends! the tummies are never full! and they’re only preschoolers!!! (I can only imagine my grocery list 15 years from now with a bunch of teenagers walking around my house. Lord give me strength!) However, they are growing boys and it’s mamas job to feed ’em despite the challenges. And of course we can’t forget Andre needs to eat too.

So if not for my love of food, then for the sake of my family I am making a public vow to try to throw down in the kitchen (As often as I can… I’m not superwoman!)¬†Try new recipes, use old family recipes, make up my own recipes and all in an attempt to bring joy not only to our bellies but in our home. The time and effort I put into making a home cooked meal for my guys is a manifestation of my love for them and it gives me great joy to do so.

Along with that, I am on a mission to make this place (currently a rental apartment) our home. Right now, we have so many items that need to be bought in order to make this house function in the¬†most logical,¬†organized, comfortable & yet stylish way possible . And doing so without breaking the bank is key. I want to have my hubby come home from work and be in a place he is proud to call home.¬†He works hard to provide for our family and he¬†deserves to come home and leave his stress at the door, and walk into a welcoming and esthetically pleasing environment. Furthermore¬†I love¬†pretty things! For the sake of my own happiness as well I want to make my home and be proud of it!¬†This is where Pinterest comes in. I love, love, loooove Pinterest and sometimes struggle to rip myself away from the screen as inspiration leads to more inspiration and then ideas bubble up and overflow and I create more boards and more boards and…ugh… it’s no use to save all these pins if I don’t ever try any of them for myself!

So that, ladies and gentlemen, will be one thing you’ll find from this blog. I’m going to be Pin-Testing recipes, DIYs, cool ideas, child related pins, health and fitness tips, party planning ideas and the list goes on. It’s time to throw myself into the word of all things home and family. But don’t be surprised if you see other content from me as well! After all, stay at home moms do more than just stay at home ūüėČ

With time, you’ll get to know more about me, my family and our little world here in Montreal and I hope to connect with you as well. This is going to be the start of a new adventure and I’m always ready for one of those-except not on days when baby Jon Jon has been up crying, which has been almost every night since he was born so far lol. Other than that, let the adventures begin!

Hugs & Love ‚̧

Lilly At Home




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  1. Katsuji Para says:

    Congratulations! Your first comment!! But you know me, so this doesn’t count ūüôā better luck next time, Onion.


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