Dear Readers,

You all must be thinking “what’s wrong with this lady?” It’s been almost a year since my pregnancy announcement so obviously my 2nd, 3rd a 4th trimester updates never happened. I also fell short on even announcing our baby’s birth! (Shame on you Lilly)

Well instead of going all the way back and giving you all those little details, let me just update you with the good stuff!

  1. We found out that we were having a GIRL!
  2. The pregnancy went very well although I didn’t stick to my “no weight gain” plan and ended up gaining 13lbs
  3. My labor and delivery was my worst nightmare come true
  4. Despite the scary labor, our baby girl arrived safely and in full health!

Meet Destiny-Marie

2 days old
1 month old
2 months old
3 months old
4 months old
5 months old
6 months old
7 months old

Our little Destiny-Marie Rose Greenidge is such a perfect addition to our family. I absolutely love being a boy mom and am so lucky to also have the opportunity to be a girl mama. She’s currently 7 months old and is doing all the wonderful things that any baby should be doing at this age. Her big brothers absolutely love her and she’s a total daddy’s girl already. Our bond is already so strong (like, she’s literally stuck to my hip all day😂) and I know that God has a special plan for this young lady’s life. She’s our little jewel and i’m sure you guys will see more of her on the blog.

Soon i’ll be sharing the crazy story of her birth, probably via video because it’s just one of those things that’s better to hear from my own mouth. And there’s so much more coming on the blog in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Also, follow me on Instagram where you’ll always see the latest updates and happenings for my family and I @LillyAtHome

Until next time!

Hugs and Love❤

Lilly at Home

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Omg she’s sooo adorable!
    Plus has the perfect name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LillyAtHome says:

      Thank youuu!!! I’m liking your taste as both of our girls are Rose


  2. Hazel Maxwell says:

    she is so cute in those outfits. I love the head tie…LOL


    1. LillyAtHome says:

      Thank you mom!


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